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  • 16 February 2024
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Hallo Zusammen, eine neuer Kollege startete am 05.02.2024 mit 30 Tagen Urlaub als Grundlage. Das Tool berechnet eine aktuelle Urlaubsanzahl von 25 Tagen. Was muss ich tun, damit die korrekte Urlaubsanzahl hinterlegt wird?

In der Kontingentanpassung sind sowohl die 30 Tage als auch der 05.02. hinterlegt. 

Vielen Dank und liebe Grüße

Natalie M.

Hello everyone, a new colleague started on 05.02.2024 with 30 days holiday as a basis. The tool calculates a current holiday entitlement of 25 days. What do I have to do to ensure that the correct amount of leave is stored?

Both the 30 days and 5 February are stored in the quota adjustment. 

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Natalie M.


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Hi @Na Me,

This might be related to the Proration section in the Accrual policy settings. For me, it looks like you have chosen the Monthly proration and you can see the definition below. If the employee join in the middle of the cycle, it will only take into consideration the full months in the cycle. For example, in your case, this employee started working on the 5th of February (not full month) so 30/12 = 2,5 days/month x 2 months (January and February) = 5 days. So, the Entitlement for this employee would be 25 days.



For more information about this topic, you can visit our Help Center article: Create accrual policies

If this is not the case, please let me know and I can have another look! Please have into consideration that I don’t have access to your settings, so you might need to share a bit more of information, not sharing sensitive data, of course, as this is a public space. 

I have also translated your post to English, since this platform is used by users from different countries. Make sure to share any post in English so that others can answer your questions, take part in your discussions and upvote your ideas 😊

P.S. If you rather communicate in German, make sure to visit our DACH Community, where this is the official language 🇩🇪

I wish you a lovely day Natalie! 🙌🏼



Thank you! It was very helpful!

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