Need help setting up a flexible working time model in Personio

  • 26 February 2024
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Hello dear community,

I am contacting you today in the hope of finding support with the configuration of a specific working time model in Personio. We are facing the challenge of setting up a flexible working time model for one of our employees that should fulfill the following criteria:

    Weekly working time: 20 hours
    Working days: Flexible distribution of working hours over 4 days within a week (Monday to Sunday) with time recording
The aim is to offer the employee the flexibility to distribute his working hours freely over the days within the week without exceeding the total working time of 20 hours. However, we would also like to have the option of recording overtime that exceeds the 20 hours.

Our previous attempts to implement this model in Personio meant that working hours in excess of the hours specified per day were automatically counted as overtime. However, this contradicts the concept of flexibility in our working time model, as the employee can work more on some days and less or not at all on others.

Our questions to the community:

    Does anyone know of a way to set up such a model in Personio so that the flexibility of work distribution is guaranteed without "overtime" being automatically recorded as overtime?the exact hours worked are recorded and overtime is really counted as overtime?
    Does anyone have experience of correctly configuring the overtime policy in Personio to ensure that only working hours in excess of the agreed 20 hours per week are considered overtime?
We are keen to find a solution that meets the needs of both our company and our employees and would very much appreciate your tips, advice or testimonials.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Yours sincerely



Hallo liebe Community,

ich wende mich heute an euch in der Hoffnung, Unterstützung bei der Konfiguration eines spezifischen Arbeitszeitmodells in Personio zu finden. Wir stehen vor der Herausforderung, ein flexibles Arbeitszeitmodell für einen unserer Mitarbeiter einzurichten, das die folgenden Kriterien erfüllen soll:

  •     Wöchentliche Arbeitszeit: 20 Stunden
  •     Arbeitstage: Flexible Verteilung der Arbeitszeit auf 4 Tage innerhalb einer Woche (Montag bis Sonntag) mit Zeiterfassung

Das Ziel ist es, dem Mitarbeiter die Flexibilität zu bieten, seine Arbeitsstunden innerhalb der Woche frei auf die Tage zu verteilen, ohne die Gesamtarbeitszeit von 20 Stunden zu überschreiten. Allerdings möchten wir auch die Möglichkeit haben, Überstunden, die über die 20 Stunden hinausgehen, zu erfassen.

Unsere bisherigen Versuche, dieses Modell in Personio zu implementieren, führten dazu, dass Arbeitszeiten, die über die pro Tag vorgegebenen Stunden hinausgehen, automatisch als Überstunden gewertet werden. Dies steht jedoch im Widerspruch zum Konzept der Flexibilität in unserem Arbeitszeitmodell, da der Mitarbeiter an manchen Tagen mehr und an anderen weniger oder gar nicht arbeiten kann.

Unsere Fragen an die Community:

  •     Kennt jemand eine Möglichkeit, ein solches Modell in Personio so einzurichten, dass die Flexibilität der Arbeitsverteilung gewährleistet ist, ohne dass “Mehrarbeit” automatisch als Überstunden erfasst wird?die genauen Arbeitsstunden erfasst werden und Überstunden wirklich als Überstunden gewertet werden?
  •     Hat jemand Erfahrung mit der korrekten Konfiguration der Überstundenregelung in Personio, um sicherzustellen, dass nur die Arbeitszeit, die die vereinbarten 20 Stunden pro Woche überschreitet, als Überstunden angesehen wird?

Wir sind bestrebt, eine Lösung zu finden, die sowohl den Bedürfnissen unseres Unternehmens als auch denen unserer Mitarbeiter gerecht wird, und würden uns sehr über eure Tipps, Ratschläge oder Erfahrungsberichte freuen.

Vielen Dank im Voraus für eure Unterstützung!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen




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Hi @NicoK.,
I have translated your post to English, since this platform is used by users from different countries. Make sure to share any post in English so that others can answer your questions, take part in your discussions and upvote your ideas 😊.

P.S. If you rather communicate in German, make sure to visit our DACH Community, where this is the official language.

I wish you a lovely day!



Dear community,

I would like to join the question.

We have the same problem and would be happy to receive support here.

Best wishes,

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Hi @NicoK. and @Giuliana,

If the Absence type is in hours and not in days, in this case you will have to add the maximum hours worked on a certain day.

For example if the employee works on Monday sometimes 4 hours and other weeks on Monday 8 hours, you should add in the Work Schedule 8 hours.
In case we have in the Work Schedule 4 hours, and request 8 hours, the system will automatically change this request to 4 hours because of the Work Schedule.

In case you have an Absence type in days please follow the next steps:

Step 1:

Create a Work Schedule for employees with Flexible Working hours.

Flexible Working Days

The working hours of employees who work on flexible days can be distributed evenly over the corresponding days of the week (for example from Monday till Friday).

You can create this by going to Settings > Work Hours and Absences > Attendance > Add schedule. Then assign the work schedule to the respective employee. Learn how to

Create and assign work schedules.

Step 2: Create separate accrual policies

With this option, you would need to create an Accrual policy that assigns the exact amount of leave entitlement to these employees.

Personio calculates the prorata based on the Working days in the Work schedule, because we divided the hours over the 5 days, same as a fulltime employee the system will not calculate prorate therefore we should assign an Accrual policy with the exact days.

In this article you will find more information regarding: Best Practice: Part-time employees.

Hope you have a lovely day.




Hi @NicoK. 

Hope all is well! My name is Maria and I work in the product team with Personio.

We are currently working on a new product functionality to enable our customers to set up flexible weekly schedules.

We’d love to hear more about your current challenges and how we can best solve them with the new feature.   

Would you be available for a 30 minute conversation? The call will be in English over zoom. 

Your time and feedback would be much appreciated.

Please use this Calendly link to schedule a call with me or feel free to email me if that suits better at

Many thanks, 


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