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Suppose an employee performs 5 hours overtime which should be paid out at 130%. The employee chooses to have 5 hours added on his holidays (or overtime account) and 30% paid out. How would I set this up?






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Hi @AndresM,

You can do this by going to the employee profile > Attendance tab > click on the 3 dots on the right corner > Overtime balances:

Here you will find the option to transfer it partially to “Pay out” or “Convert overtime to comp time”.

Convert overtime to compensatory pay out:

  1. Click on Pay out and enter the number of hours to be paid out, the hourly rate and the calculation factor.
  2. In Total payment, you will see a default rate based on the employee’s current monthly salary.
  3. In Payout day, enter the date for the change to take place.
  4. Click Submit to perform the change.
  5. Go to Employee profile > Salary to see the financial overtime compensation.



Convert overtime to compensatory time off:

  1. Click on Convert Overtime to Compensatory Time Off to open a new window.

    ▶︎ The employee's current overtime balance will be displayed on top.
    ▶︎ In Convert overtime to, select the relevant absence type.
    ▶︎ In Effective dateenter the date for the change to take place.
    ▶︎ In Overtime days/hours to convert, enter the number of overtime days/hours to be converted.
    ▶︎ In Conversion factor, determine how many overtime days/hours will equal to a new day/hour off. 
    ▶︎ In Compensatory timeyou will see the number of new days/hours off that the employee will receive.

  2. Click on Convert to perform the change.
  3. Go to Employee profile > Absence and click on the relevant absence type to see the new absence balance under Entitlement.

Here you will find more information regarding: Manage overtime. 




Great thank you! After having made the changes, can I run a report which I can send to the payroll provider?

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