Public holiday settings - how to set up reduced working hours?

  • 3 April 2024
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Dear Community,

Do you maybe know how to set up the following in the system?

“On afternoons prior to bank holidays, the time period during which the employee has to be available to work in accordance with section 8.1 above ends already at 03:30 pm. The gross target working hours are reduced accordingly by one hour.”


Thank you so much for the helpful responses in advance!!!!

best regards, Diana

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Hi @LegoMD.

If for all employees the target hour is reduced to one hour, a possibility is to create an hourly Absence type so they can request that hour the day before the bank holiday, in the attendance tab it will be counted as time off.


For example here you have 8 hours of  Public holiday + 1 hour of Absence reduced from the time off.

Here you will find more information regarding: Create absence types.



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