Scheduling time off with carryover expiration?

  • 5 March 2024
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Hello I had a question about carryover expiration days.

Lets say I have 10 days that expire on April 31, and I schedule 10 days of vacation in December before the expiration date. Will this work? Or is this not possible because the days will have expired?ย 


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Hi @question_asker,

If you have 10 days that expire onย April 2024, and you schedule 10 days for December 2024 before expiration date, the 10 days will not be deducted from the carryover, only vacation days that are taken before April 31 will be deducted from the Carryover.ย 

Here you will find more information regarding: Request and approve absences.ย 

I hope you have a lovely day.



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