Special rights for admins (handling exceptions for half absence days)

  • 26 January 2023
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Hi! 👋

Any suggestions how we can handle exceptions in the absence tracking?
Example: We generally don’t allow employees to take half vacation days, so the absence scheme has been set up accordingly. But we want to allow it in exceptional cases in which we (admins) would book half a vacation day for the employee.
But how can I do this? My current workaround is to change the absence scheme for vacation days so that half vacation days are allowed, enter the half vacation day for the employee and change the absence scheme again so that half vacation days are no longer allowed. (Hoping that in this two minutes no one requests a half vacation day)
I am not happy with this awkward workaround. Is there a simpler solution?
I think it would be helpful if admins had more rights/flexibility.


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Hi @sabrina.refurbed !

Excellent question you have here 😀

So, firstly we recommend to never change the settings of an absence type once you start using it (i.e. assign a policy to an employee). Why? Any changes made will be applied retroactively to all employees who have or use this absence type, which can create errors in your employees’ absence data.

For your case, you can try the following workaround: create a new absence type that allows half days, and hide it from view from the employees using access rights. However, anyone with an admin role will be able to see it in their profile and use it as need be. 

To see what kind of permissions you have set for an absence type, go to Settings > PEOPLE > Employee Roles > role All Employees (and do check out any other relevant roles) and see if View, Propose or Edit Rights have been granted. ⬇

As well, I suggest that you create an accrual policy for this new absence type - that way, there will be more flexibility for you in managing that new section. Without an accrual, this is how the absence type will look in the profile. ⬇

Absence type with no accrual policy created 

But, if you create an accrual, you will be able to adjust the balance, in case any mistakes are made when booking leave. ⬇

Absence type with accrual policy created in settings

What do you think of this workaround? Personally, I think it will involve less work for you. It also means that you can do reporting on half-day requests, to see how often this exceptional measure is used.

Take care!

Hi @mruscito!
Thanks a lot for your feedback! 😊
I think, we can not handle it as a different absence type because when a person is consuming a half vacation day it must be deducted from the person’s vacation entitlement and shouldn’t be shown in a separate absence type. For example: a person’s vacation balance currently is 11,5 days and this person will consume a half vacation day. When we have booked the half vacation day the new vacation balance must be 11 days. 
Would this be possible?

Kind regards

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Hey @sabrina.refurbed !

In this case, you can make an adjustment in the employee’s standard annual leave absence type, and put a note that explains it has been booked under a different absence type. ⬇

That way, every bit of the employee’s entitlement has been accounted for, and that you’re not adding on extra leave using the new absence type. 

Also, if you do book a half-day for an employee and wish for them to see this day off in their personal Absence calendar, then you can enable View Rights in their respective employee role(s).

And here’s a little trick: if you want them to see the day in their calendar but not the absence type on the right-hand side of the screen, then don’t assign the accrual policy. You can still use the absence type as an admin user without having to assign the created accrual to the employee. ⬇

View of half-day in calendar, but cannot consult details of the absence type Exceptional Leave


Employee’s view when they click into the absence booked in the calendar

You can of course test this solution out first, and if you think that it’s not quite right just let me know in the thread. 😉
Take care!

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