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  • 30 June 2021
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A number of colleagues work 28 hours (including myself) and do it 3 to 4. So one week 3 days and the week after 4 days.

How do I set up a template work schedule for 2 weeks, I can only choose 1 week schedules.


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Hi Leonie,


Thank you for reaching out to us on this!

You're right, we do not have the possibility to enter a 2-week working schedule, however I'd like to offer some workarounds which may be of interest to you;


Option 1; Create a working schedule named '3 Day week / 4 Day week rotation, 28 hoursand use Time Tracking With this option, you can track your weekly hours in your Personio account so that the exact days are calculated each week. To do so;


  1. Create the new working schedule in Settings > Attendance, inputting 28 hours spaced out across 4 working days as you like. Eg.;
  1. Configure an access role for those working on this schedule via Settings > Employee Roles > New Role, naming it '3 to 4 Day 28hr Week Employee' or similar and click '+'. This will create a duplicate of the 'All Employees' role. (Guide here)
  2. Once created, click on the Access Rights area of the new role and add the Attendance data' access to at least 'Propose - Own'. This way, anyone with this schedule can input their hours into Personio. With the Propose option we can then set an approval process. Be mindful, the Edit option means that you can input your own hours without any approval needed.  Once added here, please add the employees to this role who fall under this schedule.
  3. Should you opt for the Propose right, please also add an Approval process in Settings > Approvals > Attendance and choose your preferred approver (usually an employee's supervisor). (Guide here)
  4. Assign the new working schedule to the related employees in the Employee Tab > Multi-select the related employees and click on Actions > Assign work schedule.
  5. You can view the Attendance tab under these employees on a new tab on their profile, where they can input their weekly hours. (Guide here)

Please be mindful, if this option is chosen that you have configured your Vacation policy accordingly, to ensure that all employees with this schedule receive their full entitlements based off their days accrued. Only the days entered as work days will be deducted from their accrual. More info on this here


Option 2; Change of schedule on a weekly basis This option would mean that there is no extra efforts on the employees side (no time tracking), although you will have to manually update the working schedule on a weekly basis. To do so;

  1. Create a working schedule for a 3-day 28 hour week in Settings > Attendance
  2. Assign this schedule to all related employees (step 5 above)
  3. Change this to a 4-day 28hour week in Settings > Attendance and repeat weekly (schedule will auto update in the employee’s accounts, it’s only the schedule in Settings that needs to be changed)


Should the Attendance Schedules feature update in the near future, we will be sure to inform all Personio users. For now, I hope one of these alternatives will work for you and your company.


If you have any questions on the above, please let us know and we would be more than happy to help.


Kindest regards,




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Hi @LeonieHartog,

Just checking in: were you able to solve your matter with one of the options proposed by @Lauraglendon? 😊
Let us know!


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Hi there. Are there any new/better workarounds for a weekly different working schedule? Our employees doesn’t have a bi-weekly changing schedule but actually a weekly changing schedule. Could you offer me suggestions on how to manage this in Personio in order to make both their accrual policy and absence balance correct?



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Dear @marielle.van.wieringen,

On the moment, these are the most suitable workarounds there are for bi-weekly, or weekly changing work schedules. 

I can imagine these methods are not always very practical, and I am sorry that I can’t share anything new here.

Let me know if there is anything else I can support you with.



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