Christmas fundraiser 2021

Fundraiser: click here, submit a comment now, and we will donate 10€ to "Doctors without Borders"

  • 24 December 2021
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Fundraiser: click here, submit a comment now, and we will donate 10€ to "Doctors without Borders"
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Dear Community,
We believe that Community is all about sharing. 

Looking back at the year, we are very grateful to be with a Community full of Members who are happy to help each other out by sharing questions, answers, experiences, and ideas. 

For the the Occasion of Christmas this year, we wanted to use your active engagement in the Community as a force for good and to help out people in need. 

That’s why, for every single person that comments our Fundraiser posts by January 19th, we will make a donation of €10 to the organization “Doctors without Borders”, up to a maximum of €1000 in total.


To have a bigger impact, we have decided to join forces with the German-speaking Personio Community (our “sister Community”). As this fundraiser will run on both communities simultaneously, we will of course keep you up-to-date.


“What Do I need to do now?”


It’s super easy! To support us with this fundraiser you just have to publish a comment below.
Just keep in mind that one comment per person will be counted and that the comment must not violate the community guidelines.

It doesn’t matter what you write - feel free to write a random sentence, a Holiday Greeting, or be completely creative. 
Need some inspiration? For example, you could..

  • share with us what you are thankful for this year
  • tell us a fun fact 
  • if you are brave, you can also post your New Year's resolutions
  • leave a bunch of emojis 
  • let your cat walk across your keyboard
  • describe your mood with a GIF
  • … or whatever comes to your mind.

We are looking forward to your comments and we hope we reach the €1000 goal together! 

The entire Personio Community Team wishes you Happy Holidays and a great start to the New Year. 😊


14 replies

great initiative! :heart_eyes:

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Dear all,
The fundraiser on the German community has collected 10 comments so far - so we are now at a total of 11 comments, equaling €110.

Help us make the number grow by leaving a comment below!

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Great initiative starting this 2022 to support people who need medical aid and services. Well done!!! :muscle_tone3::muscle_tone4:

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Great initiative!

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Dear team, I am new to Personio but I have to say I am very excited about the product and the great community. Keep going and thank you for your support during my onboarding

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Great initiative! :relaxed:

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Dear Personians and Personio Community members,

I wish you all nothing but the best in the new 2022 and I really look forward to all the novelties that Personio will bring into our People teams this year! :santa::snowman2::champagne_glass::fireworks:

P.S. Such a lovely initiative, happy to participate! :balloon:

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I love the initiative! I wish everyone a great next year :relaxed::sunny:

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Hello everyone, 

Quick status update: up till now, 62 people commented our Fundraiser Post in both communities. Meaning that our donation amount will be at least €620. 

That's really great and I really enjoy reading all your personal comments.

Today is the last day you can comment on this post and drive up the donation amount.
So I'll be tagging a few of our leaderboard champions with the hope of collecting a few more comments in this post: 

@Edda van der Ende@Jordan_McCullough@Katriina@Willem@Sanja@Emma Tcheng@Dennis Stolze@Wendy@raddenol@Thibaut from Swile@marielle.van.wieringen@Dide,

as well as some new members who recently joined the community:

@Pau@VeerleBierens@Lulu@Exa@Companjon@ipe@jessicahellquist , @DoraPonce  


I'd also like to share another bit of info up front: As some of you might have noticed, many Ideas have had their status changed in the last few days. You will get more details and explanations from us in the coming week, including some more in-depth comments about the most voted ideas.

And with that, I wish us all an active commenting day today! 




P.S. Feel free to tag each other (@....) if you think that one or the other hasn't seen the post yet, but should definitely comment. :) 

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A very nice initiative! Happy to help to raise the amount with this post… ;)

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Great initiative and greetings from Copenhagen!

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Great initiative! I am looking forward for this coming year and what kind of updates will Personio be making and great learnings from the community! :hugging:


Great initiative!

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Hello everyone,
Since this campaign ended two weeks ago, I am giving you an update as promised. Here are the stats:

We have collected 11 comments here, and 63 comments in our other community, for a total of 74 comments.

So you have enabled a donation of €740! That’s really impressive and I’m very pleased that so many of you took part.

You might be thinking, did it really take them two weeks figure it out
Nope, we’re actually quite good at maths! 😄

In the last couple weeks, we have discussed whether we should increase the donation amount. In the end, we decided to add another 260€ ourselves, in order to round it up to a total of 1,000€ for Doctors Without Borders.

In the future, we will definitely organize another fundraising event with you. That’s because community is all about sharing, and we look forward to all of you and hopefully a few more members joining our future campaigns.

Thank you very much for being a part of this positive deed!

Your Community Team
@Daniele , @Lena@Marc@Selina

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