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  • 24 January 2023
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I have prepared the template (saved in Personio already) that should be available for all employees from drop down list when they click “create” on Documents tab, however only admins can see and pick this template.
how can I make the template available for all so then they can fill it out and save in Documents


thank you


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Hey @Dorota,

To enable employees to create Documents based on templates, you will need to grant them Edit rights to the Documents access right.

To do this, please navigate to Settings > Employee roles > All employees role > Access rights > Documents and within here you will grant the Own Edit rights for each desired document category.


Please note that giving the Edit right to Documents means that they can also edit and delete documents within this category. 

If you require any further information, I will be happy to help on this.



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Hi Conor

Thank you for your reply. 

The case is mentioned text- Please note that giving the Edit right to Documents means that they can also edit and delete documents within this category. - with this there will be no control of what is deleted, edited etc. I understand that there is no option to add attribute to particular template currently ?

If yes then this disqualifies my question. 


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Hello @Dorota 😊

It´s correct, that the Edit right gives the employee the right to edit and delete documents.

However this only applies for her*his own documents if you tick “own”.

Does this help you out? 🤗

Have a nice one

Maria 🌷

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Thank you Maria


Yeah, unfortunately it doesn’t help. I believe that only HR and or admins should have the right to delete/edit whatever has been uploaded. 

In my mind I was thinking that employee would be able to create document from the template, fill out necessary data, save the document and that would be it, no further action from employees end. And then if anything is incorrect or should be updated then only HR could delete it and ask employee to complete the upload once again, or edit the document and the document could show the history of edits. 

Since it’s not the option currently then unfortunately we need to deal in more manual way

thank you

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