How can I delete a document I mistakenly uploaded?

  • 4 August 2022
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Hello all,

Inside my profile, I had to upload a medical certificate, but uploaded the wrong file. How can I delete it? I cannot find any option for that.

Thank you :)


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Dear @Buzzulini,

Welcome to our Community 🙌🏽. Thank you very much for your question! I am happy to help you out 😊.

If you don’t see an option to delete a document in your profile, in the Document tab, you probably have not been granted the Access rights to delete documents. This is a common setting, since the admins of your account might not want employees to be able to delete any document. In this case, please contact your Personio administrator, or your HR department if you are not sure who this person is. The admins of the Personio account will be able to delete the document for you. 

Please don’t hesitate on asking us anything else you might have to clarify!

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If you have any questions about Personio or ideas to share with the Community, feel free to create a new topic anytime. We are always listening 😊.

I wish you an amazing weekend 🌸.



Thank you, Andrea! :)

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@Buzzulini  Thank you for sharing your input around this topic.

My name is Conor — I'm the Product Manager responsible for document experiences @ Personio.

Our product team is changing the overall document experience in employee profiles and we are looking for customers who have given feedback related to auditing, searching for and managing documents.

In case you are interested to have an impact on this experience, feel free to check out the post below.



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