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  • 16 March 2023
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Do I have any possibilities to create a personal account for a new onboarding employee, which doesn’t have a work email address yet (from moment of signing contract to the first work day), so that a new employee could log into his own Personio account with his private email address?

Example: a new employee was interviewed and received a work contract. Until the first working day this person doesn’t have a personal work email address. I would like to give a possibility to a new employee to have its own profile with his own private email to log into. This person should be able to see all work-relating documents into his own account.



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Yes, here are the required steps:

1. Log in to your Personio account and go to the "Employees" tab.
2. Click "Add Employee" and enter the employee's details, including their personal email address.
3. After you have entered all the required information, click "Create Employee".

The new employee will receive an email asking them to create their own Personio account. They will need to follow the instructions in the email to set up their account and create a password.

I'm just learning Personio so I hope my advice is correct. I find this information on This is useful information I found on the support site.

Personio support site.

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Hello @Art,

@Dalton is right, you just need to follow the usual process to add this employee to your account. When the employee has a company email address, you can change it in their profile, and they can log in as usual and with the password they already chose.

Thank you so much, Dalton, for supporting your peers 🤩. This is what the Community was built for, so way to go!

I wish you both a lovely weekend.



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