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  • 10 May 2024
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Hi together, 

we are intending to pay Inflation Premium. I have imported the related payments as a one-time payment to the month of payment.


Now, I would like to inform my employees about this and also include the amount which I have imported (amount varies from person to person). 

Any ideas who to solve this best?

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Hi @Yvi,

Unfortunately there is no placeholder for one-time compensations, in this case you can create a document with free placeholders.
With a free placeholder when creating the document in the profile of the employee you will have to fill in manually the relevant amount.

Step 1: Create a document with placeholders and free placeholder for the one-time compensation.

Step 2: Upload the document in Settings > Documents.

Step 3: Go the the relevant profile and create here the document and fill in the relevant amount of one-time compensation in the freeplaceholder.

In this article you will find more information regarding: Create Document Templates – Placeholders. 



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