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  • 24 June 2021
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Dear community,

As a result of our last poll, we want to share with all of you some best practices for reminders!


In Personio, you can set up different kinds of reminders. You can set up reminders for specific employee roles, personal reminders, or reminders linked to a specific employee. 


Reminders for specific Employee Roles: 


You can add them for all Date type attributes via the employee roles. You can choose between a Reminder (automated expiration) or a Task (no expiration).

Some examples of how you can use reminders for roles are:

  • Reminder to All Employees role > Birthday of all employees every year on that day.   



  • Reminder to HR Manager role > Probation period end date of all employees 6 weeks before 

  • Reminder to HR Manager role > Hire date of all employees 1 week before 



  • Reminder to Supervisor Role > Next absence of employees directly reporting to me 1 day before. 



If you select the option Task (no expiration), the reminder is displayed on the dashboard until you mark it as completed. Personio also allows you to add a Note to specify further details about the reminder or task. For example: 

  • Create a task for Office Management Role > Birthday of all employees 1 day before with the following note: “Buy a bouquet”. 



Personal Reminders:


Employees are additionally able to create personal reminders. Personal settings > Reminders.

The personal settings show not only personal reminders, but also all role reminders that apply to the respective employee. For example: 

  • Reminder for Me > Last day of work of Employees directly reporting to me 15 days before.



Reminders linked to a specific employee:

These reminders can be created for any date without referencing any attribute. This can be accessed via the Notes tab in the employee's profile. To do this, users need at least viewing rights for the Notes section and for the Manage accounts section. 

You can use this section to create even more personal reminders, such as: 

  • Reminder > Dentist  appointment on the 30th of June 2021 


You can read our Help Center articles on Best Practices: Reminders or how to configure reminders to find more useful information!

Have you ever used any of these reminders in your Personio account before? Do you find them useful? I’m looking forward to the discussion. 


Kind regards from Madrid, 

 Maria Laura

6 replies

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Contrary to what you described, I am not able to create a task via a reminder in an employee role in my Personio account.
I want to create a task based on the birthday of employees. 
Is this not available anymore? And if not, how can I create a task based on the birthday in Personio?

Thanks in advance


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@Andrea @Lena This is not up to date anymore.

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Hi @CarolineBM,

Thank you for making us aware of this. While the screenshot is not up-to-date and the name for the tasks has changed, the functionality for reminders stayed the same.

The difference between a task and a reminder used to be that one expires automatically after the notification was triggered, and for tasks, employees have to click on the task notification on their dashboard for it to disappear. 

Now, you still have the possibility to choose if a notification should disappear automatically or if it should be manually clicked by employees for it to disappear from the dashboard. The name “task” was changed to avoid confusion. If you want to add a note with a specific task for birthdays in a reminder, you can still do so by writing notes:

Please visit the help center articles linked on the article to see further details about this functionality.

Let me know if there is anything else I can clarify for you!



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@Andrea Of course, I tested it already. But we have more than one office manager. If one office manager clicks on the reminder so that the reminder disappears (and therefore the task can be considered as done), the other office manager still sees this reminder. This is because it’s a reminder, not a task.

Do you have a solution for that?

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Hello @CarolineBM 😊,

Happy to take this over. I’m sharing this workaround here in order to be visible for the Community! 😊

  1. Create your Reminder with no expiration and with the relevant Note such as “Send voucher”.
  2. After you do so,  you can  create an Attribute call it for example  "Send voucher” depending on what the Task is, along with the attribute type date
    3. I suggest you to give Propose-All Access rights to the Office management to the section in which the New attribute is stored. Then create an Approval workflow by navigating to settings>Approval> Employee data change and first create an Employee filter. In my case I have added  "Send voucher" and defined the rule-> Employee roles>equals> Management, but you can select the office Managers or you can add Send voucher equals and add the date of today.?name=Screenshot+2023-02-27+at+14.45.17.png4. After you do so you can navigate back to the main page of the Approval workflow>Employee data change and add the Ruleset by selecting Employee with roles and select the office managers once again. 

 We do this, in order for the Office Managers to go to the Employee's profile (birthday) and request a data change of the attribute "Send voucher" by adding a date when this was completed as soon as one of them did this, in this way the other Office Managers will be aware that the employee X already completed the task.

In the Reminder with no expiration created, you can add a note such as "As soon as you send the voucher, request a data change in the employee profile".


I understand that this is a lot of work from your end, however I hope this workaround will help you.

At the same time, I would like to inform you that I have already shared this feedback to our Product Team yesterday, since this is a current product limitation.


Thank you! 😊



Anna Lisa

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Hey @Annlisa ,

Thanks for your answer and thanks for thinking about this workaround.

Unfortunately it is too time consuming for us.

Best, Caro

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