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  • 19 September 2022
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Currently, we have birthday reminders for all employees but as we have grown quite quickly within the past year our employees have asked whether or not we could filter the reminders e.g. according to team, department etc.

However, some department are bigger than others and therefore it would make sense to filter the reminders further (e.g. according to teams). On the other hand, in the small departments it would make sense to have reminders for the whole department.

For example, there are 7 employees in Finance so here it would be great to remind everyone of the whole departments birthdays because they are a tight knit team. But in Technology there are 44 employees, so here the birthday reminders would make sense to filter according to team.

Is there anyway to customise it accordingly? I know there is the “My Reports” and “My Direct Reports” but do those work for employees who are not supervisors?

Looking forward to your answer!


3 replies

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Hi @Emma Tcheng 👋🏼,

Thank you very much for your question 😊. I am happy to support you with this topic.

Since the Reminders depend on the Role they are created for, the way to customize them would be, firstly, to create new RolesOne for which you will set the Reminder for the Own Team and the other one for the Own Department.

In each Role, you must add the employees that should receive the Reminders from their own team or department, correspondingly. 

You can then set up the Reminder for as follows:

 Using the option Special, you have the possibility to add the option Own. This way, the employees will only receive the Reminder for their own Team or own Department. If you had an extra Reminder in the Role All employees you can delete it and use these new Roles for this Reminder.

For further questions about this topic, you can visit our help center article:

→ Create Reminder Workflows

Please let me know if this information was helpful, or if there is anything else I can support you with. 

I wish you a lovely afternoon 🌻.



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Hi @Andrea,

That seems like a lot to manually administer. Is there anyway to automise this? For e.g. by using the groups below? 


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Hi @Emma Tcheng!

Yes, the filter I explained was Special from your screenshot. The thing is, if you set this reminder for the role all employees, then you can only set one of both options. Either all employees will be reminded of the birthday of their own team, or of their own department.

If you want some employees to receive only reminders for their own team, and others for their own department, then it’s necessary to create two different roles with the different receptors.

I hope this information clarifies your inquiry further! Let me know if you have any further question.



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