Delegation from manager to another person

  • 10 August 2021
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Hi Community,


I have a question relating to delegation/substitution. First of all, does delegation mean that it shows people that while I am gone this person x will take care of my responsibilities?

It seems that you cannot delegate your managerial role to someone else? I noticed that we have one leader who is on a longer leaver (several months) and noticed that this person’s whole organization has now disappeared from the org chart as the leader is on a leave. So there is no possibility to add a substitute for the time being who would “inherit” all the team members as well and be able to do the same things as a manager would. Or is it so that you need to do the special approval rule for them to be able to accept absences. So basically you need to change a manager for the time being? 

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Hey Katriina,

I had a similar question a while back. I'm not 100% sure but I think it would work if you have a substitute defined for the absence. The important this is that the substitute needs to have the same access rights as the person on leave. Otherwise, they aren't able to perform the tasks (e.g. approving vacation, etc.).

Hope that helps a little bit.


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Ah, actually just saw a different thread on this: 

Maybe this helps?

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Thanks @Kaffeeleserin! So basically I am assuming that one would need to add the special rule or to change the manager during the period to someone else and then make the change again after the leave ends. If I understood correctly. 

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Hi you two, 

thank you @Kaffeeleserin for bringing up this post, I also recommend the here given answer for your described situation.

This is the suggested version, which we recommend when a supervisor is on eg. paid vacation. In this way the history is staying correct.

You are right @Katriina , in the case of a longer period of absence, like a leave, it is an option to enter a substitute as supervisor. If this person is considered as a real interim supervisor. Please keep in mind, that a change of supervisor is reflecting in the history and therefore also in for example the reporting or the payroll, if you retrieve or filter this data. 

In the org chart the employees on leave are still shown, this would not make a difference. Then it looks like this:

Do our answers help you to find a solution for you?


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I saw that my post was linked to this topic.

I really think that a delegation feature would help in case of manager’s absence (short or long absence, the problem remains the same ;)).

Can you talk to your Product team to look at this feature?



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Thank you for your comment @Thibaut from Swile,


I agree that it would be beneficial to have a delegation feature. I am struggling a bit now that we have a substitute for a long leave from a person who has not been a manager and I am not quite sure how to do it in Personio. Because this person is substituting so not really a manager change (at least that is how it will be in the history).





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Hi @Katriina and @Thibaut from Swile,

I definitely see your point. Thank you for the feedback, the both of you! :)


 @Katriina: If you don’t wish to set the substitute as the new Supervisor, and also in general, I would recommend you to choose the workaround that @Lena shared under @Thibaut from Swile’s previous topic, in case you haven’t seen it yet:


 @Thibaut from Swile: “Can you talk to your Product team to look at this feature?”


For any sort of feedback, I highly recommend you to submit it as an idea, as you have done very well in the past. This way, it will reach our Product Team directly, and we can ensure to have that feedback in a unified place where the whole Community can vote for it and comment. We will also be able to measure how relevant it is for how many users.

Who’s up for posting it? In the idea, you can also copy-paste some of the points that have been mentioned above 😊

Best regards,

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Thanks @Daniele

I have now added a post to the ideation area. Please vote for it if you want it to be taken forward to product team: 

@Thibaut from Swile @Kaffeeleserin 


Have a nice week all!




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