Employees: Allowing all employees to filter in entire company

  • 8 February 2022
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Currently the filter capabilities of employees and managers are limited to their own teams.
E.g. a manager is requesting the ability in the employee overview to use the supervisor filter so get an overview of his own employees. This is not possible, as he is only able to filter by his own supervisor.


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2 replies

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Hi @Astrid Friis,

there is no restriction for that from our side. This restriction depends on the access rights of the employees, or better said of their assigned employee roles.

Employees can only see, in the employee list, what they are able to see in other employee profiles. So if there is only the viewing right enabled for e.g. the own HR information, they won’t be able to see this data, that is inside that profile section, in the filters of the employee list. 

For sure, you can adopt the employee roles accordingly to give the rights you want the employees to have. 

An easy fix for your example would be to create an employee role for supervisors with (at least) viewing right for My Reports. So all supervisors would be able to see the specific data of their reports and so would have the possibility to filter for that in the employee list. 

As this is already possible, I will convert this idea into a question.

If there are any open questions, I am here to help.



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Hi @Astrid Friis,

was my answer useful, or is there anything open where I can support?

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