Multiple Potential Approval Roles

  • 4 March 2022
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Currently you are unable to set more than one person to have the responsibility of approving absence types.

If you add a second responsible party it becomes a multi-step approval process.

We would like to be able to allocate a number of people, with the potential for any one of those individuals to make approvals for say time tracking, so that if one of the approvers is absent themselves this job is completed rather than held over until they return.

Hope the above makes sense!


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2 replies

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Hi @janscomb,

that is already possible using employee roles!

You can first create a new employee role including all employees that are allowed to approve the specific request.
Second, in the approval settings you select Employees with role, and then choose the created role. If there is a new request, all employees of this role get notified, but only one employee needs to approve it.

Does this help? If yes, I will convert this idea into a question.

Best wishes

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Morning Marc,

Thank you for this it’s really helpful!

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