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  • 24 October 2023
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Hey dear community,


I’ve tried to look for an answer, but haven’t found any. Our use case is the following:


We would like to give a new employee access to Personio, so that they are able to upload all necessary documents and fill out their profile. However, giving them access to Personio before the start date allows them to see all the employees and org chart with names and other data and we would like to avoid it before the start date. I was trying to limit access rights for “All employees” role, however it didn’t work out. The new started can still click on the “Employee” tab and see everybody in the organisation. The same with off-boarding. Is there a way to change it? 


Thank you in advance!




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Hey @Svetlana 

What I would do in this situation is to duplicate the All Employees role and add everyone as members to this role except for the employees you want to limit access rights for

You will now take away the access rights from the All Employees role and return them to the All Employees duplicate role. So for all employees apart from the ones mentioned, they will have the same access rights as before.

Now in the All Employees role, you need to limit access rights such as Public Profile. For this please make sure that the View Own right is enabled and not All. This stops employees viewing other employees within the organization. 


You will also take away the access rights for the Org-Chart within here to stop the issue of these employees being able to view it. You will grant access rights to the Documents tab in the form of View & Propose Own. This allows them to upload their own documents. 

For the Offboarding employees, you will need to check if these employees are part of extra employee roles which may grant these access rights. Instead you will want them to be part of the All Employees role (the original) with the limited access rights. 

To help you on this, here is our guide on Access rights. If you run into difficulties, please let me know.

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Hi Conor,

Thanks for your reply. It worked! 




Hi Conor, 


We have the same problem here. 

Is there a way to filter employees for the duplicated access so we don’t have to manually enter the employee to the role once they join the company?


Best regards, 


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