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I have set up Personio so that any overtime (in our case time off in lieu) needs approval by the supervisor. However, if I limit the access rights in this respect, it also takes away the employee’s right to convert the overtime that has been approved into compensation time. Is there any way around this? What I would ideally see is that the employee needs approval for the overtime, but once approval is given, they themselves can convert the approved overtime into compensation time.

It makes no sense in my eyes to have this feature removed just because overtime requires approval, as when the overtime has been granted, the conversion into compensation should be able to be done by the employee independently. Otherwise the workload falls onto the administrator.


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Hi @Jessie

For employees to be able to both edit the overtime balance and convert overtime to compensatory time off, you need to grant them editing rights for the Attendance data section. At the same time, you can have an Approval workflow, meaning their time tracking entries require approval by their supervisor. This will mean that when an employee submits time tracked (including overtime), the notification will go to their supervisor for approval. Once approved, the employee will then have the Access rights to be able to convert overtime to compensatory time off themselves. 

To grant them Access rights, go to Settings > People > Employee roles. Click the relevant Employee role and the Access rights tab. Under the Attendance data section, select Edit Own > Review changes > Save.

To set the approval workflow, go to Settings > Automations > Approvals > Attendance. You can set the supervisor as the approver or any other employees and click Save

For further information, check out these useful Help Center articles on Access rights and Approval workflows

Thanks for your question and please let me know if you have any further queries! 😀



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Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, this is exactly what I did, and the result of the set-up described by you is that employees’ overtime gets automatically approved by the system. If I remove the editing rights, then the conversion is not possible for the employee themselves. 

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