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💾 How Personio's own HR team manages employee data in Personio

  • 29 June 2022
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💾 How Personio's own HR team manages employee data in Personio
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Dear Community, 
today I'm sharing with you another example of how we use our own tool at Personio.

As an HR professional I know how hard it can be to manage all of the employee data that is needed for a company of any size, with the continuous need to track and update data for each employee. One of the benefits of using Personio as our HRIS tool is the easily accessible and accurate data storage it provides. As we grow as a company Personio’s functionality continues to benefit us in the form of accurate data storage. Having this all in one system makes my life a lot easier.  


In Personio, each employee profile can store over 200 different attributes of information about each employee.

Here is an excerpt of the info we store in the employee profiles: 

🎉 A few standard attributes like address, birthday, team, cost center, bank details, etc. 

🛼 Also a public section with "personal" info about languages spoken, hobbies, holiday destinations, and favorite places in the cities where our offices are located. Employees can fill in their own attributes. This way, employees in a company can get to know each other better and discover common interests.

👕 Very important for us is also the preferred T-shirt size, because we like to surprise our employees with new Hoodies etc. (but this is of course on a voluntary basis).

⛑️ In case of emergency, also the emergency contact. 

📄 We also track the job families, levels of an employee, as well as the date they last had their last salary increase so that we can report on this when needed.

↔️ We also track a person’s leadership role within Personio and have this linked to slack channel automations so that certain employees are added into different leadership slack channels

And much more! 


Having all of this information being accurate is so important to the success in our role and allows us to use Personio as our single source of truth where we can pull reports from based on current point in time data as well as having the ability to look back on an employees history to see when they have had changes made to their profile. 

Feature: Scheduling attribute changes


With the “Schedule changes” feature available in Personio it means that although someone’s information may not be changing for a few months or weeks once we know the change that needs to be made like updating their address or a salary increase we can input that data in advance to the system with a schedule date for it to take effect.


 ℹ️💡 You can enter several consecutive changes for an attribute (e.g. two future address changes). These are displayed below each other in chronological order for the corresponding attribute. 


This feature means that we don't have to rely on having wrote a note for ourself or setting a reminder and hoping that we remember later on when the change is due to take effect, instead we know that once we have put the information into the system that the system will take care of the rest and update the profile with this information when the effective date comes around. With so much information needed in order to carry out my role it is so important to me that we have Personio.

All info and which attributes you can terminate can be found here in our Help Center article: Scheduling Attribute Changes.
What do you use this feature for? You’re welcome to share some best practices with the Community, so we can all learn more.

All the best,
Lauren Gilbert - Team Lead People Operations @ Personio

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