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⏰ Our approach to smart interview scheduling with Cronofy

  • 5 January 2023
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⏰ Our approach to smart interview scheduling with Cronofy
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Dear Community,

Finding new talent for an open position can be quite time consuming and requires careful organization. Especially the timing of the interviews with your own preferences and those of the applicants aligned, often seems to be a challenge.

💡 For this, we found a suitable solution: At the beginning of 2022, we started implementing Cronofy in Personio, an intelligent planning platform to support the planning process for job interviews.

Cronofy is a Personio integration that is directly accessible from the "Interview" tab in the candidate profile of our ATS. It is connected to the Google calendar, which allows our candidates to directly select a date and time for an interview. 

In advance, we as the Talent Acquisition Team at Personio can individually set specific working days and time slots that are most suitable for a first interview. 


So how does this work?

As soon as we want to invite a candidate for a first interview, we navigate to the "Interview" tab in Personio and select the desired interview type. Then we fill out the appropriate form and select the option to "set up a scheduling link".

In this context, the following information is entered:

🔎 Interview details
⏰ Duration of the interview
📆 Date range from which the candidate can choose.
💆‍♀️ as well as the time buffer before and/or after the interview

Once the link is created, we can fill in the form with the required information and click on "Email to applicant". We can also choose an appropriate email template (which can be customized at any time) and then paste the Cronofy link.

All set?

As soon as we as the Talent Acquisition Team have made all the settings, we can send the email directly to the candidate. If an interview date has been selected, we will receive a confirmation email again in return. In addition, a calendar invitation is automatically created in Google Calendar and we can now view the interview on the "Interview" tab in the candidate profile in Personio.

👍 Cronofy saves our team a lot of time and on top of that is an enormous help in finding a suitable date for an interview. If you would like to know more about this topic, check out our HelpCenter article on smart interview scheduling.

What has been your experience regarding this integration?
What is the process like for you when it comes to finding a suitable date for interviews?
I look forward to your insights 👀


Lauren Gilbert - Team Lead People Operations at Personio

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