Attraction Plus: Five Talent Tactics to Help You Navigate the New World of Work

  • 29 March 2022
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Attraction Plus: Five Talent Tactics to Help You Navigate the New World of Work
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Dear Community,
Our HR Experts at Personio have put together a very insightful whitepaper with useful talent strategies that will help you navigate the new world of work. Check it out!

Attraction Plus: The Key to Top Talent


The “Great Resignation” is neither a blip on the radar nor a one-time emergency for organisations looking to hire. From where we stand, it’s the beginning of an entirely new era: one entitled Attraction Plus.

While businesses have had plenty to contend with throughout the pandemic, a fundamental shift has occurred – employees have gained accelerated influence over their working environment. These raised expectations are not influencing the conversation, but redefining it completely.

The new laws of talent attraction are both internal and external and require an exacting blend of both. Defined by the idea that talent needs to be attracted afresh at every stage of their career journey.

New laws of talent attraction are needed.

Employees are far more open than ever before to move jobs for professional development and increased purpose. Among UK SMEs, the challenge is particularly acute.

Old talent models simply are not cutting it.


💡 Five Talent-Focused Tactics Implementing an Attraction Plus Concept

01 Designing a more purposeful employer value proposition (EVP)

02 Revising and rebooting talent acquisition strategies

03 “Crossing the rubicon” from candidate to employee more effectively

04 Nurturing top talent through the prism of performance

05 Maximising learning and career development


We hope this guide helps your team reposition HR’s role in a different way: one truly focused on Attraction Plus.


Do you find Attraction Plus interesting and want to implement the concept? Download our Whitepaper (attached below) to read the five concrete steps on how to put it into practice.

Your Community Team

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