Being a Parent 🤝 Professional Life: How Can HR Support?

  • 14 May 2024
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Being a Parent 🤝 Professional Life: How Can HR Support?
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Balancing work and family life is a challenge - especially when the little ones are still young, which is why it is even more important for employers to offer a parent-supportive environment. To some extent, there are already statutory regulations in place such as parental time off. We want to look even further though!  

In addition to the legal regulations, there are other ways for companies to improve the balance between parenthood and work. A parent-supportive environment creates an environment where parents feel valued, supported and able to successfully manage both their work and family commitments.

As you can imagine, initiatives vary from company to company. To get some insights into what other members are offering we want to create a "collection point" for all possibilities. We will start with an insight into what Personio has to offer:


🛝 Playground Office: At Personio, our employees have the opportunity to bring their children to the office. There is a short registration process in advance with our Workplace team.

📆 Special Events: We want to support and empower our employees to put their family first. For this reason, they can take their family to special kid-friendly events.

💡 Learning Together: Internally, we have a dedicated communication channel for parents and parents-to-be to exchange ideas. Here, everyone can share their treasure trove of recommended daycare centres, learning opportunities, childcare and much more.

🧸 Subsidy: For all events that take place after official working hours, our parents receive a subsidy for potential childcare costs. 

🤒 Child Sick Days: The little one picked up a cold at school or needs to go to the doctor? We have specially allocated days for parents taking an active role to care for them.

⏭️ Upcoming: A 90 minute coaching session alongside other parents at Personio before employees take their leave and again when they return. The goal of this program is to enable our employees to recognise their strengths, empower them and help them embrace and own their emerging identity whilst connecting with other people in a similar situation.


Let's spotlight all our existing or expectant parents: What initiatives are there for a parent-supportive environment? Feel free to share some of your own experiences.


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The thing with these “special” days, your work doesn’t just disappear.. it’s generally still there when we come back… and then you have to just cram it in half the time.

I love our approach at LA Click. Our workplace is fully flexible both from a time and location perspective. 

So I don’t need to take special days… I can just juggle my work hours… and if a child is sick I just work from home or when they are sleeping… or if I want to go to their sports day, I can just start work a bit later :-)  


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