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🍋 Feeling the Squeeze: HR Leaders Under Pressure

  • 7 February 2024
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🍋 Feeling the Squeeze: HR Leaders Under Pressure
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 Hi Community, 


🫶🏻 How are you preventing burnouts and keep a positive attitude in your professional life?🫶🏻


💬 Let’s discuss about pressure and demand in your day to day work life.


A recent study by Barnett Waddingham reveals a startling reality: 28% of HR professionals feel overwhelmed by the multitude of demands on their time. With 22% reporting high stress levels and 17% struggling to keep pace with rapid changes in the workplace, it's clear that HR's role has become more challenging post-pandemic.


Pete Cooper of Personio highlights an important issue: despite HR's critical contributions during the pandemic, many teams are not receiving the recognition they deserve. Overburdened with current tasks, they find little time to prepare for future challenges, leading to a feeling of always playing catch-up.


Julia Turney from Barnett Waddingham points out the importance of employee voices but emphasizes the need for C-suite support to meet these demands. She advocates for a data-driven approach to HR, allowing for informed decisions that align with both employee needs and organizational goals.


This comprehensive survey, conducted by Censuswide for Personio, involved 500 HR decision-makers across the UK & Ireland, providing a snapshot of the current challenges faced by those at the heart of our workplaces.


Let's Talk: Navigating HR Challenges Together

How does this resonate with your experience? Are you feeling the crunch of increased demands and rapid changes in your role? What strategies have you found effective in managing stress and keeping pace with the evolving workplace?

Join the discussion below and share your insights, strategies, and stories. Let's support each other in navigating the complex landscape of modern HR.


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