💥 HR discussion: How do you think can HR improve team spirit and communication within a team?

  • 20 December 2023
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💥 HR discussion: How do you think can HR improve team spirit and communication within a team?
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Hi Community, 

Drum roll for our last and final HR discussion for the continent: 📍Antarctica

Throughout December, you have been following our End-of-Year Campaign with lots of excitement! Through your comments, you are continuously mastering the HR discussions, but are also sharing interesting impulses and insights from your work as HR professionals. Most importantly, you are supporting a good cause!

🚀Are you ready to share your knowledge and insights once again for today's HR discussion? Share your answers in the comments.

When you think of the continent Antarctica, the first thing you wonder is whether people actually work there given the extreme living conditions - and they do! There are several organisations based in Antarctica that are looking for new applicants every year. These include, for example:

  • British Antarctic Survey (BAS)

    The organisation conducts and facilitates world-leading interdisciplinary research in the polar regions. BAS employs over 500 qualified and professional employees from various fields.


  • U.S. Antarctic Program

    Every year, the organisation sends around 3,000 people to Antarctica. These include scientists who conduct research, employees who operate and maintain the US research stations and ships, as well as artists and media representatives.


  • French Polar Institute

    The French Polar Institute Paul-Émile Victor supports scientific research in the polar regions. Every year, the Polar Institute employs almost 40 people to work at the research stations.


Given the isolation, but also because they are relatively small groups/ teams and employees spend both their working time and free time together, one of the key criteria for applicants is the ability to integrate into a group and live a community life.

In isolated environments, as it is the case in Antarctica and to some extent in other regions, the challenge is to strengthen team spirit and ensure that employees can work together effectively despite the conditions. With this in mind, our HR discussion for today is:


How do you think can HR ensure good team dynamics? Are there certain measures that can improve team spirit/ communication within a team?

I'm looking forward to all your answers! Although the campaign is still ongoing, I would like to thank you very much 💜 for your participation so far! I'm really looking forward to seeing what positive impact you will have as a Community, as each of your comments contribute €5 to a good cause.

🚨 Breaking news: We have extended the period for our End-of-Year Campaign! All comments will be considered until January 31. You can find more information here.


Best and happy holidays everyone,

3 replies

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Hi everyone and happy new year, 🎉

our End-of-Year campaign has been extended till January 31 - now, there’s more time to participate and ultimately contribute to a good cause. 

@Bojana @bbuxrude @Lena Malies did you have the chance to check out this HR-Discussion for the continent Antarctica? 🤩

For every comment, we’ll donate 5€ to Doctors Without Borders. You can find the current donation amount on our homepage. 




I think two key ways to ensure good team dynamics and team spirit would include bonding opportunities and aligning on a single goal that connects to each role. Bonding opportunities allows team members to understand each other on a personal level outside of work related topics, which ultimately assists comprehension of why people are the way they are and how external factors influence behavior. You never know if someone is grumpy because they haven’t heard from their family in weeks or if it’s just grumpiness directed at you. The alignment on a single goal allows an opportunity for everyone to relate back towards a single mission, which not only allows people to relate on at least one end goal/category, but also gives a sense of purpose. This is very important in the recruiting phase to ensure each person aligns on and understands to avoid feelings of isolation.

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Hi @bbuxrude 😊

thanks so much for you input! I really like how you highlighted the two aspects of a) bonding opportunities and b) working towards a single goal.

From your perspective and experience, are there any bonding opportunities you could think of? is it mainly the chats that occur besides work topics over a coffee for instance or can HR somehow facilitate this?

Tagging a few more users, let’s see if we can create a lively discussion around the topic. 🚀
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