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💥 HR discussion: What factors do you think influence the success of remote work?

  • 4 December 2023
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💥 HR discussion: What factors do you think influence the success of remote work?
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Good morning Community,

Today is the official start of our End-of-Year campaign! The first stop on our voyage around the world is North America. 🚀

In the past few years, the North American labor market has changed significantly. Digitalisation and technological advances have transformed not only how we work, but also where we work.

In terms of "where", a particular trend has emerged in North America. The concept of remote work has become a widespread practice in the modern workplace, and more and more companies are implementing it effectively. Even after the peak during the pandemic, many companies have continued with this concept and recognised its benefits, to the point that it is now a must-have for some organisations and employees.


💡 Last year, a 25% increase in remote work was forecasted in North America. It was also predicted that this trend will continue beyond 2023. (Source)

🤝 From a global perspective, North America and Europe are similar in terms of remote work. The proportion of employees working remotely is highest in the UK, Canada and the United States. (Source)


What are the benefits of remote work?

Over the past few years, a number of advantages have emerged for both employees and employers. In our HR lexicon, we’ve mentioned the following for instance:

🏠 More flexibility for employees,
👥 A broader talent pool in recruiting,
💪 As well as increased employee engagement.

The list of advantages is long, but so is the one of the challenges.


HR is no stranger to remote work

With the growing importance of remote work in regions such as North America, HR departments are facing new challenges. Coordinating distributed teams, maintaining a strong company culture and ensuring employee retention are just some of the aspects that need to be considered as part of this "revolution".



From your perspective, what factors contribute to the success of remote work? Feel free to share your practical examples.

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Melissa and the Personio Voyager Community Team

6 replies

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Hi Community,

We’re already at our second post for our End-of-Year campaign! You can find the HR discussion for South America right here: ⬇️ 

Looking forward to your comments! 
💡 Don’t forget, for every comment we’ll donate €5 to the charity Doctors Without Borders! 

Melissa 👋

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@Melissa this is such an awesome initiative 🤩

Hi @Skeku, I hope you’re well! Have a look at this campaign, maybe you would like to participate with a comment?

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For me, remote working is more successful when there are still opportunities to meet up online or virtually, both for work discussions and for social events. It’s too easy to get isolated and to miss out on the ‘bouncing ideas around’ conversations that happen more naturally in person. 

I think took that remote working gives a different challenge to a manager in terms of monitoring performance and output. It’s a different sort of trust. Having a clear way to set (and adjust) performance objectives and ongoing tasks is vital to support both. 

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Happy new year @AliceM 🎉

thank you for participating in the EOY campaign! 🚀

@AliceM How would you facilitate these virtual meetings? Are there examples of how and what kind of meetings can contribute to this? You also emphasised the importance of trust, I would like to include more members in the discussion @sahr @Kevin G @avmar99 @Lena Malies. What are your thoughts? Let's spark a lively discussion! 


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Happy New Year to you too!

I think it’s hard to do virtual meetings with the bouncing of ideas. I think it’s easier to do it with Everyone online rather than some in the room and some online, because those online invariably can’t catch each comment when it becomes more informal, and they are then left out. 

We had a great social event a while back for International Women’s day. It was over lunchtime and the suggestion was to just come along and share the story of a significant woman in your life. We heard about grannies, celebrities, teachers and inspirational leaders and everyone in between. I think a couple of people had been prompted to come ready with a story and jump in if there was an awkward pause (which helped!) but it was such a cheerful topic that was relevant for everyone, so it worked well.  It’s touch and go though; that event could easily have been a complete flop if the people who turned up just hadn’t wanted to take the mic, you do need to have a few people who are willing to leap in.

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Hi @AliceM 

thank you so much for sharing your insights on your social event for the international Women’s day - it sounds lovely! 😊

Can you tell us a bit more on how the event came to place and if you’re offering such events to bring the team closer together on a regular basis? How was the sentiment from your employees, did they feel more connected afterwards? 

Also looking forwards to hearing more stories from our users: Are such events also something that you are offering to make remote work successful? @LegoMD @SergioQuiroga @Tamara Casasa @Alyhup @SCS 

Don’t forget: The End-of-Year campaign ends on Wednesday, January 31. Still a few more days to contribute to a good cause. We’re collecting 5€ per user comment! 🚀


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