💥 HR discussion: What skills do you think are crucial for being a successful leader?

  • 15 December 2023
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💥 HR discussion: What skills do you think are crucial for being a successful leader?
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Dear Community,

On the 5th stop of our voyage around the world, we discover the continent of 📍Asia

Asia's economy has experienced enormous growth since the early 2000s. At the beginning of the century, the GDP was 1.2 trillion dollars. Today, China's GDP alone is almost 15 trillion dollars. Asia's companies also operate in a fast-moving environment and are growing faster than companies based in the western countries. - Source

👉 This is due to how companies operate in the market and, at the same time, who manages companies.

Leadership is the be-all and end-all

Leaders who inspire can motivate their employees with their vision, which ultimately leads to a workforce that is committed to the success of the company. This "way of leading" is influenced by the respective characteristics of a leader. These in turn influence the leadership style, which has an impact on the entire company and shapes both strategic and organisational results. - Source

Leadership styles at a glance 

Leadership methods are significantly influenced by culture, as it shapes people's values, norms and expectations. Cultural characteristics have an impact on how managers communicate, make decisions and build relationships within their teams.

  • Managers in Eastern regions often favour an authoritarian decision-making style as opposed to a collaborative approach in the West.
  • Attitudes towards employees at lower hierarchical levels tend to be more cooperative and supportive in the West, while in Eastern regions managers tend to categorise their team members according to their seniority level.

💡 Our HR lexicon gives you a comprehensive overview of the different leadership styles.

In today's highly competitive business world, leading a team in a fast-paced environment can be both exciting and challenging. The key to success in such an environment then lies in effective leadership. 

💪 HR is an essential partner for managers and provides support in developing both professional and personal leadership skills. Our question for today is therefore:


What skills do you think are crucial for being a successful leader? Also feel free to refer to rapidly evolving/ changing environments.

We have already reached the 🚀 5th stop of our trip around the world, which means that there are still 2 more continents ahead of us. In our overview you will find both the HR-Discussions that have already been published and the continents that still lie ahead of us. 

As always: For each of your comments, we will donate €5 💰 to the charity Doctors Without Borders. We look forward to your thoughts and insights!

Best regards and have a nice weekend,
Melissa and the Personio Voyager Community Team

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Hi Community 👋

I hope everyone had a great start into the week! Let’s kick it off with some HR-Discussions. @marielle.van.wieringen @Friedrich @Linda @Volvic @Sanja have you checked out our End-of-Year campaign already? For every comment, we’ll contribute 5€ to the charity Doctors Without Borders. 

It’s still running till January 31! 🙌

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and perspectives for the discussion topic for the continent Asia. If you’re already in the flow, feel free to check out our remaining discussions here as well. 🚀


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