Pride Month

June is Pride Month - How do you promote diversity in your companies?

  • 8 June 2021
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June is Pride Month - How do you promote diversity in your companies?
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..and we would like to raise awareness about it.

 This month we remember the 27th of June of 1969 , a date which represents a turning point for the LGBTQ Community regarding equality and acceptance.


Our Diversity Committee at Personio would like to use this opportunity to discuss how diversity can be enhanced in the workplace.


In our organization, #socialresponsibility is one of the Core Values and Operating Principles. 

Based on this topic we, the employees of Personio, decided to establish the Diversity Committee.

Besides topics such as  #culturaldiversity, #familyfriendliness and #neurodiversity, we also place special focus on #sexualorientation and #genderidentity. 

Under the motto #embracinguniqueness we meet up at least once a month to analyse were we stand as a company and as the staff composing it. Further, we gather ideas on how to create an even better atmosphere in which every employee can feel safe and free to be their unique self.

In order to achieve this, we raise awareness internally and externally about important topics and challenge the status quo of our company by promoting diversity in our recruiting processes, gender-neutral communication with our customers and much more.

We are yet aware of the fact that we can improve our initiatives even further.
This is why we would like to ask you:

  • What measures do you undertake to promote diversity in your company?
  • Do you have any ideas on how companies can guarantee respect, acceptance and equal rights for employees of the LGBTQ Community?
  • What could we do better (in Personio)?

We are looking forward to exchanging any ideas with you!

The Diversity Committee of Personio

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