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  • 21 October 2021
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Hi Personio Community!


Hoping you can help me...


We’re carrying out a research / benchmarking exercise in relation to our employee benefits and want to understand what other similar sized start-ups in the UK are offering to their employees. We’re particularly interested in gathering info about what other start ups are offering in regard to adoption, maternity and paternity pay.


Our business is still in its infancy but is quickly growing. We now have almost 200 employees, some of them with 2 years service.


We’re hoping to gather the following info:

  • name of the company / sector
  • number of employees
  • what benefits do you offer?
  • do you offer enhanced maternity / adoption / paternity pay?
  • if you do offer enhanced pay, what do you offer your employees?
  • what is the eligibility criteria?


Thank you in advance for your help!



4 replies

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Hi @Mel,
Welcome to the Personio Community, and thank you for reaching out!

I sincerely hope that other members can help you out with this - we have quite a few UK-based HR professionals in the Community.

Just being mindful that this section of the forum is public and some of those company insights may be confidential. 😊If I may ask, how exactly are you planning for others to share their insights - through a form, or shall people get in touch with you privately via a Direct Message here in the Community?
If you provide more info here, it will be easier for others to help you out.

Looking forward to your reply!

All the best,

Hi @Daniele 

Thanks for your message and tips! It’s my first time posting :see_no_evil: so this is really helpful.

If people can get in touch with me privately via a Direct Message via the Community, that would be great!

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Hi @Mel,
I’m just checking if you got any messages yet regarding this topic? 😊


Hey @Daniele 

I got a coupe of responses! Thanks again for your tips.

Kind regards


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