🧭 Navigating the future of HR in Leadership 🚀

  • 18 September 2023
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🧭 Navigating the future of HR in Leadership 🚀
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Hi community,  Happy Monday! ☺️


📚Recently I read the book “Dare To Lead” by Brenè Brown where she discusses her breakthrough research on vulnerability. Her insights offer a transformative lens through which HR leaders can navigate the challenges and opportunities of our time.

Brown’s work reminds us that vulnerability is not weakness but a profound resource of strength. As HR leaders, embracing vulnerability means having the courage to acknowledge your own limitations and seek help when needed. It means being open to change and admitting when we don’t have all the answers. Vulnerability fosters trust, authenticity and connecting with HR teams and throughout the organisation.


💪🏻 Another important aspect of leadership is courage, and courage is a cornerstone of effective HR leadership. Brown teaches us that courage is not the absence of fear but the willingness to act in spite of it. HR leaders must have the courage to tackle difficult conversations, confront bias and discrimination  and champion diversity and inclusion. 


Last but not least is empathy. Empathy is the heart of HR leadership, as it is the bridge to connect HR leaders with their employees. Brenè Brown emphasises the importance of empathy in understanding and meeting the needs of others. HR professionals who lead with empathy create a workplace culture where employees can feel heard, seen and valued. ♥️


👉🏻 What are your thoughts on HR leadership and how do you envision the future of HR?


At Personio we invest in HR professionals and care about growth both on a professional and personal level. Therefore our upcoming HUG event in London is more than an HR event. It’s an opportunity to listen to keynote speakers, gather valuable insights and resources that will help you build the workplace culture of the future. 


📍If you are visiting HUG this year and you have already your ticket, join our HUG London group to keep up to date with all the details about HUG and network with other attendees and our Personio team.


Linda and the Personio Voyager Community Team



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