💥 New year, new strategy

  • 9 January 2023
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💥 New year, new strategy
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Dear Community,

The new year is always a good occasion to reflect on the past year and think about how and what could change in the upcoming months. A new year is often associated with "new beginnings", but for HR departments it is much more a matter of "new strategy". 

👀 So, how is your HR team preparing for what is likely to be a challenging year for the people function? What is your HR strategy for the new year 2023?


👉 Have you already thought about what you might want to change or focus on?
If not, don't worry: our CPO Ross Seychell provided you with a...


Summary of HR strategy trends for 2023 💡

1. Focus on your goals and priorities

One of the most important things in 2023 will be how to support employees in the face of the recession while avoiding burnout. This is why setting up and communicating strict priorities will be essential in the new year. Also, making sure that business goals are broken down into department and team goals so that the HR Team knows what is expected of them.


2. Foster company-wide productivity

Given the financial outlook, it is expected to see a bigger focus on productivity within an organisation, not just for company and team productivity but for individual performance and engagement.

You might need to ask yourself: Where can we work faster and smarter? Perhaps meeting-free days, a centralised HR ticketing system or an accessible employee resource centre for frequently asked questions would help. That could save a lot of time on both the HR and employee sides.


3. Take a look at HR relevant metrics

Try to understand trends within your own HR department and work with finance to look at revenue and costs to see where they feel there’s an opportunity. For example, you can take a closer look at the cost per hire, incentive plan structure or headcount and draw insights from them.


4. Lead with authenticity and openness

During times of uncertainty, employee engagement can decline. One way to boost it is to be transparent. Talk with leaders about how your teams are doing and engage in regular and open exchanges with employees. Use data and facts to build a deeper understanding of business performance and outlook so that every employee is informed.


5. Lean on your HR community

Reach out to other HR professionals who have been through similar economic downturns and learn how best to steer your organisation through it. Now that we are in a world where we can be together, build a network you can connect with. 


Of course, the Personio Community is a great place to start - the HR Think Tank Area is your place for questions & discussions about all things HR. Do you want to share some thoughts about a topic or see what others think? Start a discussion now!

Feel free to share your thoughts and new strategies for the new year in the comment section.
I’m looking forward to seeing how you will tackle HR in 2023! 💪

Happy new year,

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