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Recruiting in times of recession - What challenges do you face?

  • 21 November 2022
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Recruiting in times of recession - What challenges do you face?
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Dear Community, 

The topic of recession is currently on everyone's minds. The effects are already noticeable in many areas. It will make you think about changing your HR strategy, implementing different work schedules and making changes in your recruiting. How are organisations in your country dealing with it? We want to know your thoughts on this subject. Especially about how recruiting should (or maybe must?) change in 2023. 

A survey in our last Online User Group Meeting has revealed that 71% participants answered that the topic is very relevant, we would like to collect further thoughts with you here.


Recruiting in times of recession:

  • What is the direction for successful recruiting in 2023?
  • What challenges and opportunities will your HR department face in the upcoming year? 
  • Are you preparing to deal with this issue specifically? 
  • What is relevant for your recruiting in 2023? 
  • How can you move forward and which KPIs are important for recruiters now?


💡 Feel free to share your thoughts on this topic with us in this post! 

2 replies

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Good morning @manasi bhakade, @Med1do, @Cami, @marielle.van.wieringen, @Carina ☀️,

As an international HR platform, we would like our users to profit from each other's experiences and best practices, particularly in these exceptional times. 

Do you have any thoughts to the above posted questions? 

We would really love to hear from you regarding this topic!

Greetings from Munich,


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I’d also like to loop in @Elizabeth who works in recruiting - do you have any thoughts about the above questions?

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