Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Special: Let's talk about love & your job 💌💼

  • 14 February 2024
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Valentine's Day Special: Let's talk about love & your job 💌💼
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Hi Community,

Today on February 14, we are celebrating Valentine's Day and would like to take a look at the many facets of love with you. Let's explore together how love in all its forms enriches, inspires and connects our lives.

💡 Did you know? 
In some countries, such as Finland, February 14 is also celebrated as 'Friend's Day', where friendships are celebrated in the same way as romantic relationships. This tradition, known as "Ystävänpäivä", provides a beautiful opportunity to honour the importance of friendship and interpersonal relationships, making Valentine's Day a day of love in all its forms.

This is exactly the interpretation we want to continue in our community and emphasise the different facets of love. For this, we are starting the discussion topic "What do you love about your job?" today. Share with us what gets you out of bed in the morning and what motivates you to take on new challenges each day! 


Don't worry, we'll take the first step too 😇

We asked some of our Personio employees what they love about their job:

  • @Lena, Community Manager: I love most, checking the Community and seeing how members help each other and find solutions, that's my favourite daily task right now. In general having such great personalities around me, the members I am in touch with and get to know closer are mostly super inspiring, my direct team is great on a personal as well as professional level. And the biggest joy every morning (and maybe guilty pleasure) is the cereal in the office with 🍎 fresh fruits, yogurt and topped with looots of chocolate flakes.
  • @Petrus, Content Designer: I love most, understanding intricate, and sometimes not so intricate challenges our users have, and finding 🎨 creative ways to improve our user experience.
  • @Selina, Team Lead Community Management: I love my job as the leader of our community team because I have the opportunity to create a positive and creative work environment where everyone can unleash their 📈 full potential. Moreover, when it comes to Community Management I love it because I can help build a strong HR community where everyone feels appreciated and where we can learn from each other.
  • @JuanM, Head of Customer Engagement:  I love my job because it allows me to positively impact people's careers at scale through our community and events!
  • @Linda23, Community Manager: Loving my job isn’t just about the tasks I perform, it’s about the joy and fulfilment that comes from being part of something greater than myself, where my contributions help weave the fabric of our shared success. Also, I met so many wonderful people that I can truly call friends it's another bonus to be grateful for.
  • @Melanie, Product Expert: What I love most about my job is that a lot of my colleagues have become friends over time. Coming to work to see your friends is really lovely! 😊


What do you love about your job? 💌💼

Celebrate with us and share some love in the comments!



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Anca, Team Lead Implementation: I love my job because it allows me to make use of my strengths (such as getting to see the full picture and offering practical strategies for filling the gaps) while working alongside professionals that act as a constant source of inspiration. 🌍

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Thanks of sharing @Anca Paslaru <3 

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