Vote now: What HR Topic Is Top Of Your Team's Mind? 🧠✨

  • 15 July 2021
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Vote now: What HR Topic Is Top Of Your Team's Mind? 🧠✨
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Three months have passed since the Personio Community was launched! And, lots of you have already shared questions about Personio or HR, in general. 

 For all of us to get to know one another a bit better, we’d love to hear from you and to know what your HR is keeping their eyes on for the rest of the year! 👀

Please let us know by answering the poll below. Keep in mind: Responses to the poll are completely anonymous, but we’d love for you to share your vote by replying with your own comment

Or, maybe the topic at the top of your list isn’t here? Simply comment below with your team’s focus areas for 2021 — we’re all ears! 👂 👂


What HR topic is most on your mind as we enter the second half of 2021?

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Hello @Lisa@raddenol@Jordan_McCullough@Willem@Edda van der Ende@DRI,
and everybody else in the community 😊

We would love to know your view on this.
If you have a minute: cast your vote in the poll (it’s anonymous), and feel free to reply with a comment if you would like to let the Community know what you voted for, or if you have anything to add.

Enjoy your weekend!

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A big thank you to all those who have weighed in with their thoughts! :grinning:


One topic with a lot of momentum is hybrid work, and preparing for what lies ahead when it comes to back-to-office life. Personio’s Chief People Office, Ross Seychell, has been thinking the same thing: 


When I think about the ‘offices of tomorrow,’ I don’t really see it as a black-and-white matter anymore. There’s no ‘remote only’ or ‘office only’ for everyone. Instead, hybrid ways of working will truly take shape, and why not? They are more responsive to the different needs of employees and can be a key way to increase their satisfaction at work.



 You can read his full piece on evaluating whether your organization is ready for hybrid work, and to what degree, by clicking right here.  :eyes:


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