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Daufoods success story - 20% more productivity on HR’s plate

  • 29 March 2021
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Daufoods success story - 20% more productivity on HR’s plate
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Dear Community, 

check out our latest customer success story with Daufood - world’s largest master franchise of Domino’s Pizza. Their mission is to provide the best product, with the best service, following Domino’s commitment to the hightest quality standards possible. Daufood’s impressive history of growth was not always a smooth ride. In fact, it came with its own set of distinct challenges. When the company started operating in markets all across Europe, their work ended up being divided across six different solutions and scattered Excel sheets.

The main challenges for Daufood where: 

  • Individual solutions across markets that ended up in a lack of cohesion
  • Balancing the expanding needs/considerations of markets at different stages
  • Too much time spent collecting information instead of analyzing it

Read the full story here or check out our video. 



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Your Personio Community Team

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