Frequently Asked Questions about People Workflow Automation

  • 11 October 2021
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Frequently Asked Questions about People Workflow Automation
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Dear Community,
I'm sure you found the announcement about People Workflow Automation as exciting as we did when we first heard about it. And I’m also sure that you may have some questions popping in your head. So here are some helpful resources!

You can also watch our Video to see a real-life example.




I want to learn more about People Workflow Automation — where can I find the information?

If you are interested in learning more about workflows and what you can do with them, take a look at our articles on Access Management and Absence Management.

For a general overview of People Workflow Automation, visit our Website and read our Whitepaper.

To see the features in action, sign up for our User Group Meeting International (in English) on October 20th or our User Group Meeting Online (in German) on October 27th.  


Where can I find out more about Integrations?

You can find information on integrations in the Personio Marketplace either in the tool via Settings > Marketplace or online on our website.

For information on the setup of different integrations, have a look at the Integrations section in our Help Center.


Which Personio package and Add-on do I need to automate people workflows?

Depending on which features and integrations you want to use to create workflows, you need different packages:
Click below to view the table:

Functionality Package and/ or Add-on
Workflow Hub All packages
Dashboard Widget All packages
On-/ offboarding widget in Workflow Hub and on Dashboard

Professional package

Boost On-/offboarding with integrations

Enterprise package

Signature widget in Workflow Hub and on Dashboard

All packages with Productivity plus Add-on

Approval widget in Workflow Hub and on Dashboard

All packages



I want to create a workflow for approvals, on-/offboarding, reminders, or signatures. Where can I get support?

To get started, you can find our main Help Center Articles compiled here.
If you need further support, just Ask a Question in the Community!


I am setting up an integration and I need support. Who do I contact?

For integrations built by Personio (Slack, MS Teams, Okta, Azure ID, Greenhouse), contact our Service Team. For all the other integrations, built by our integration partners, contact their customer support team as they will be able to best help you.


We hope this list of resources can be useful to you.
For any other inquiries, we are always happy to help.

All the Best,
Your Community Team

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