How to set a workflow Automation BY QUARTER?

  • 29 March 2024
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How to set a workflow Automation per QUARTER?

and not per week / month / year


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Hi @Lievaz,

To set up a Workflow per quarter, you would need to select the Frequency as such. While creating a Workflow, in the Scheduled section, you can select the Start date, let’s say, today, and then the Time of day you want the Workflow to start and the Frequency. Here, you don’t only have the option to select Weekly, Monthly or Yearly, but also Quarterly:

For more information about this topic, you can visit our Help Center articles: 

I hope this helps! 😃 Please let me know if this doesn’t answer your question, maybe you can provide more information on how you are creating the Workflow and add some screenshots (always covering personal data as we are in a public space).

Wishing you a lovely day ahead! 🙌🏼



Dear Zulema


Yes perfect -thank you for your tip because this worked!! Thank you kindly 🙏
Another quick question: how can i set-up a workflow with different frequencies? What i want is:

  • Supervisor follow-up meeting for his/her onboarder, on month 1 - month 3 - month 6 and month 12. 

Can you help me with this?
Also i want to upload 1 document to all of our 50 employees at once (actually 2 separate documents, different in content depending on the department), but our implementation specialist states this is not possible and we have to upload 50 times manually. Is this really not possible in your digital HR system?

>PS the documents are PDF, fe our hospitalization policy.

Thank you in advance I appreciate your advise🙏👍

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Hi @Lievaz,

Thanks for the confirmation! I’m glad to hear that this worked out! 👏🏼

Regarding your first question, I’m afraid that we can only add one frequency and those are the ones I share with you. This is the current behaviour but as you know, this is new in Personio and we are very happy to hear feedback about it so I would like to encourage you to post this suggestion of improvement in our ideation area. This way, other users will be able to vote for it, and the suggestion will be shared with our Product Team. For more information, you can visit the following Community page: 

I regards the second question, we have the option to upload a document for all employees in once via Employee list but this has to be uploaded before hand in Settings > People > Documents and there we just currently supported the following formats:


However, if you upload the document in the Employee profile > Documents, you have a bigger list of formats we support and you can find the list here

I hope this is helpful! Please let me know if you have further questions! 😀

I hope you have a great weekend! 🙌🏼



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