How to transfer Personio data to Power BI with API?

  • 30 September 2022
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Hi all,


has anyone already connected Personio with Power BI from Microsoft? I would like to know how to do it since there is no standard integrations available.


Hope to hear from someone. :) Or maybe Personio has some advice.


Bye, Marielle


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Dear @marielle.van.wieringen,

Thank you very much for sharing this question with us. I have investigated internally and found some comments in our German Community about how to integrate Personio with Power BI.

  • One of the users shared that they use our integration with Zapier, to transfer the information from Personio to Power BI. I am waiting for more input about this option and will share it with you asap. 
  • The second solution is very technical. I translated the user’s solution from the German community to English, but this is not a process we in Personio are familiarized with, since it is set up in the API and Power BI. Nevertheless, I share it with you, hoping it is helpful:
    • The current solution for the connection to the Personio API is, instead of the direct connection, to use a self-created HTTPS interface in Power Automate:


Before each GET/POST/DELETE a https auth request must be sent via POST. (For this you need the client ID and client secret, which can be generated in Personio under Settings > Integrations > API Credentials). The response is the token, which must then be sent as a "bearer" in the form of a short-term and one-time valid key when the actual request/task is sent.

If these functions are all represented with variables in Power Automate, they can be used by another web page or "app". For example, functions can be integrated into a Sharepoint, a PowerApp, a PowerBI report, or any app. Through Microsoft's on-premise gateway, these applications can also run locally on the corporate network and then connect to the WWW.

You can share the need of this integration as always in our ideation area, or/ and vote for this integration in this link.

I will let you know what I could investigate internally about the integration through Zapier. 

Thank you for your patience!



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Hi Andrea,


Thanks and hope to get an update about the Zapier integration.


Kind regards, Marielle

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Dear @marielle.van.wieringen,

Thank you very much for your patience!

As promised, I consulted our product team about the possibilities to integrate Personio with Power BI through other tools

In general, you can basically connect all kinds of tools with Zapier since its core purpose is to provide such integrations for various customers. For the exact guidance on this, you can contact Zapier’s help center and our Personio Developer Hub to find many criteria and requirements of our and the API of Zapier.

An alternative that might be helpful is Dataddo  Dataddo integration | Personio Integrations. This integration works similar to Zapier and can be helpful to connect Personio and Power BI. 

Please let me know if this information was helpful for you, or if there is any other question I can support you with.

I wish you a lovely day 🌻.



Hello there,

@marielle.van.wieringen  you could try using Power Bi Template App (Power BI for Personio): Power BI for Personio (

More information can be found here: Power BI for Personio | SAB Analytics

Have a nice Day!

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