Insert variable not working in onboarding steps



We use insert value {{fix_salary}} for our onboarding steps to send a request to prepare a contract for new hire. However, the value in the email is always shown as 0 EUR. Is there a way to fix it? I’ve already tried deleting the value from the template and adding it again - there was no difference. 



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Hi @Lauraj,

The placeholder {{fix_salary}} will populate once the attribute effective date is currently active, probably in this case the effective date of the salary is setup for later in the system.

Here you will find more information regarding: The Salary tab



Hi Sofia, 

Is there a way to find a workaround for it? As it’s used for onboarding process, it’s normal that most attributes will take effect in the future. The way it’s set right now requires a manual input every time which is prone to error. In addition, even if you put the salary data for the new hire manually in the email template, you are required to refresh the preview for it to take an effect. 


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