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  • 15 May 2024
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Hello Everyone, 

I was able to integrate personio with Entra ID and mapped the available attributes bw azure and personio, I know I can not map all attributes from personio with Entra ID but in order to assign the license we would need to have usage location, and if I have to assign this manually it kills the whole concept of automating this task, I know we can do this via script but still I would like to map some of the attributes from personio to Entra id’s custom attributes like cost centre etc. 

Is there a way I can do this?

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Hi Abdul.

If this isn’t possible natively in Personio, you may be able to implement this using the Personio REST API.

You’d need to use the List Employees endpoint to find new employees, and then for each one use the Get Employee by ID endpoint to find the location attribute. 

That would normally mean some full-stack development work … but there is a much easier way. Make is a no-code workflow automation tool that provides a simple UI for building automations that leverage REST API. Make has prebuilt connectors for over 1,800 SaaS solutions, including Personio and Entra ID.

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