Poll: Which marketplace integrations do you use?

  • 20 August 2021
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Dear community,

The Personio Marketplace offers software integrations designed to make your HR processes more efficient and automated. :rocket:
Connect with over 40 tools – for collaboration, recruiting, travel, time tracking, and more – easily and quickly with your Personio account. 

Are you currently using any of the Personio Marketplace Integrations?

Share with the community by commenting down below! You will see the results after casting your vote.

For more information on the Personio Marketplace, make sure to visit our Help Center article and to see the full list of current available integrations, visit our Personio Marketplace.

Warmest regards from Madrid, 
- Maria Laura

Are you currently using any of the Personio Marketplace Integrations?

5 replies

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In the last couple of months we have increased the number of integrations we work with, as we see this as a huge benefit to supplement the way we work. We were able to gain new functionalities, have more transparency, speed up our processes and increase data quality by working with integrations for Personio. 

Just to give two examples from our day to day life (although there are much more): 

Working with the Slack integration enables us to know of birthdays, absences and much more and thus helps us to have an even better connection with our colleagues. 

Having Personio connected to Localyze eased the initiation of a relocation and immigration process immensely, as we could be assured that data was accurate while reducing workload saved by data being transferred from Personio to Localyze. 

We see integrations being very beneficial for our daily HR life and look forward to the next exciting integration to go live!


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Welcome to everyone who joined the Community in the past week! :relaxed:

We would love to know your thoughts about the Integrations. It’s always interesting to see which functionalities are being used by other organizations. :raised_hands:
If you have a minute, please vote in the poll above and feel free to share your experience with the Community by replying below.

Happy weekend! 



We use the integration with Google calendar which enables everyone to know very quickly when their colleagues are out of the office and thus, make it easier to plan a meeting.
We also use integration with Google email for the recruitment which help me a lot in my applications management process !






We use the integration with the with zoom. Which is very helpful, as we do not need to generate separatly the zoom link for the interview.


Best regards


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Hello @heloisem and @EsterM,

Would you like to meet our product team and give them your feedback?
They would love to to speak with you directly.

Read the post below to learn how 😊




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