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  • 4 August 2021
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Hello, does anybody know how to change the date format to the american MM/DD/YYYY? Is it possible?


Best answer by Larissa Horst 18 August 2021, 10:14

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Hi @Larissa Horst ,

I am not sure in which part of Personio you would like to change the date format to a US standard.
It would be great if you could please specify?

I am happy to take a look if we can offer a solution already or if it is an idea of improvement for our ideation area.

In the meantime here is some information that could be helpful: it’s possible to choose from a wide range of Date formats (including the US one) when Creating Document Templates. To learn how, just visit this Help Center Article: 

Looking forward to further details. :)

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Hi @Larissa Horst,

Just checking in!

Please let us know if the above information could help you, or if you would like to specify where exactly you would like to change the date format.


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Hi @Daniele @Lena,

thank you for your reply.. this was a request regarding the whole system - all kind of date displays.. however we discussed our requirements and closed this issue. Thanks again for checking in!


Best regards,


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Ok, Thank You for your update! Feel free to create a new topic at any time if you have something to share with the community, or if you need help with something.


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