Bug: Not being able to see the top bar with categories of my employees

Hello community, 

a hiring manager contacted me that they can't see the top bar when viewing an employee's profile (see photo). I am guessing this is some sort of bug since I as admin don't have the problem. Has anyone had this problem and know how to fix it?

Thanks in advance! 



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Hi @Nadezhda,

I checked it on our end, and it does not look like a bug, as everything is working fine. 

Maybe your colleague can try deleting the cache and cookies of the browser, this often solved issues like this one. 

Please tell me if it worked. 😊

Best wishes

Hey Marc, 

thank you for the reply. My colleague tried this but it still doesn't work. She has the problem since yesterday. 

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Hi @Nadezhda,

ok, did she try basic things like re-starting her PC? 

To me, it looks more like a PC-specific issue. 

Was there any change since yesterday, like an update or something else? Does the problem also occur when using a different browser?

Best wishes,

Hey @Marc

no computer updates. She tried Safari and Chrome, both regular and incognito - still no change. 

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Hi @Nadezhda,

Have you logged in as the user and verified if you can see the employee profile correctly? You can log in as other users by using this button:

If you log in as the employee and see everything normally: then this is an issue with the employee’s PC (browser, update, etc.). If you log in as them and can also not see the employee profile correctly, please contact our support team, since it is probably a system error as you mentioned originally. 

You can contact my colleagues from the support team via Find Answers. Be aware that only Contract and Account owners can contact our support team. In case you are not registered as such, please contact your colleagues in the role, or add this information in your account. You can find out how here.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can support you with.

I wish you a lovely afternoon.



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