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  • 19 December 2023
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HI folks

I have searched for more information on this but can only come across this thread which only goes so far. I can’t find anything in the support pages.

For team members who are leaving the organisation but will be on garden leave for a period of time how are you managing this? 

The requirements would be that the employee

  1. Remains on payroll (so adding them to garden leave type for more than 1 month removes from payroll according to a support call I had - how do I reflect they are on on this leave type without removing from payroll?) 
  2. Continues to accrue annual leave as normal 
  3. Their leave during garden leave is not visible to any team members on the absence calendar - eg parental leave, annual leave etc
  4. Does not show as active on the employee list
  5. Does not show on the “At A Glance” widget on the home page
  6. Remains on headcount reporting till their termination date

How are you managing this? 

Thanks so much


Best answer by International Support Team 27 December 2023, 11:04

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Hey @Volvic 

For your case, the scheduling of a leave period would not suffice here, as there are certain effects such as the stopping of salary payments and vacation deduction that would happen.

Therefore for your case, I would suggest setting up a new absence type for this scenario. You would ensure that once set up that you take away all access to this absence type in Settings > Employee Roles > Calendars so that no other employees can view it in their Absence Calendar or the At a Glance widget. For more information on this task, here is our guide on Grant your employees access to the Absence Calendar

The employee will need to stay active, as salary payments will be continued in this scenario. Therefore you will need to hide them from the public view and to do this you can set up a custom rule in Settings > Employee roles > Access rights > Personal data > Public profile. This way the employees cannot search or view this employee’s profile going forward. As they are active also, they will continue to stay on the headcount reporting and accrue annual leave. 

Therefore this is the best workaround we can do on Personio to ensure all of your points are met. The putting of the employee into an inactive status will not work based on the requirements given. If you have any follow up questions, I would be happy to answer them.

Best regards, 


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