more than 1 manager in a matrix organisation

  • 26 January 2022
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One of the biggest issues I have is that in our matrix organisation most employees are having various managers to report to, one direct and several funtional managers - at the moment I can not reflect that in the structure or have it in the profile.

2 replies

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Hi @Beat,

thanks for sharing your thoughts! There is already an idea in the community on your suggestions.

The feature is currently not planned, but you can still upvote it, and maybe it will be considered in the future.

Have a great day.

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Hello @Beat , 

Thank you for your input. We would like to understand more about your needs as we are looking into providing better solutions for customers with a Matrix organisations

If you would agree to talk with us about it, we would love to set up a quick call (45 mn) at your convenience on this link (I am a UX researcher, our Product manager @Fabian and product designer @saleh would also join)


Examples of questions that we have:

  • What should be the approval rights from each manager (specifically for your needs)?
  • What should each of these managers be able to access from their team members (specifically for your needs)?
  • What would be an ideal visualisation?
  • etc.


Thank you and best regards,


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