Multiple email recipients in Onboarding emails

  • 12 December 2022
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I would like to add more than one recipient to the automated emails of our onboarding template (e.g. email goes to new employee and their supervisor). How can I set that up? 


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Hi @Selma!

Onboarding steps can only be assigned to either 1 person (supervisor or employee) or to a predefined group of employees, as shown in the image below.


In your case, you can create a an onboarding group by navigating to Settings > WORKFLOWS > On-/Offboarding > Groups and add the relevant supervisor and employee to the group. Then, you can make that group responsible for the onboarding task. 

They will then receive reminders for the task once the template is assigned to the employee’s profile. But, Personio does not require both employees to complete the task. Once 1 person has finished the step, the reminders will stop being sent.

You can check out some great articles on this in our Helpcentre, the step-by-step guides are really helpful!


Hi Megan, 

thank you for your comment :) 

Did I understand correctly that for each employee onboarding I have to create a separate group to be able to send the emails to both? This is unfortunately not very scalable :/ 

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Hi @Selma !

If you feel that both supervisor and employee need to receive an email reminder for the exact same task, then you are correct: you would need to set up a group with the specific individuals every time there is a new person onboarding.

But, if you are able to separate that task into multiple actions, then perhaps you don’t need a group set up. For example, if you wanted to assign both persons a Complete profile task, then you can break this down into multiple steps and assign each one to the right person. 

If you’re still unsure, you can always open a request with our Customer Support Team and we will be happt to take a look at your account with you. To do this, please go to Help > Support and Updates > Find Answers in your Personio account.


thanks for getting back to me 🤗 We don’t use the email templates exclusively to prompt new joiners to execute specific tasks. We send emails to generally keep in touch with the new hire, send information about the company and the team, illustrate how the first days at the office will be. It would be nice if the Supervisor was in cc of those emails a) to be included in the communication and b) so they can jump in and communicate with the new hire already. 


I understand this is technically not possible at the moment but maybe it’s a feedback you can pass on to your product team 😊

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Hi again @Selma,

My apologies - I misunderstood your original question!
You are correct - at the moment you can only select 1 recipient for the email. Your suggestion is great feedback for future improvements, however! You can even post an idea yourself in our Ideation section of the Community 📣

As a workaround, you could assign this email task to the supervisor to get the connection between both employees started.

Apologies for any confusion that my first few explanations may have caused 🤔


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