Onboarding employees using active employee count

  • 26 June 2024
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We are in the process of migrating our hiring plan to Personio but have encountered some difficulties. Specifically, we would like to import data to create profiles for future roles in the onboarding phase. However, when attempting to import this data via Excel, we receive an error message indicating that we would exceed our employee limit and need to upgrade our subscription plan to add more active employees.

Since we are not trying to add active employees, but only to create dummy profiles for future roles labeled with the onboarding status, we believe this restriction should not apply. How can we resolve this issue so that we can proceed with our hiring plan?

Thank you for your help

2 replies

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Hi @Ihaveaquestion,

What status do these employees have when filling in the template? Is it hired?



Hi @International Support Team,

The status of these employees when filling in the template is onboarding.

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