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  • 25 December 2023
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how to find any alive person here? I am in a loop, my find answers section is forwarding me to contact myself as I am actually contract and account owner. But there is no option to contact support. At all, they over and over again asking me to contact myself to contact them. 

please, Help 🤯


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I’m sorry you are having issues trying to contact our Support team 😕 I have a short video you can follow as a reference where it shows the different steps to reach out to Support. From the step number one, clicking on Help, until the last step where you have to choose the way you want to contact us. If you are an Account Owner, you should be able to see the option Contact us. Please try not to click on Popular topics but other option 🤞🏼



For more information about this topic, you can visit our Help Center article: The Find Answers section.

If you are not able to see the option, you can send me an screenshot of the last step you are able to reach so I’ll try to figure out the reason why you cannot contact Support. Please, be aware that this is a public space, do not share sensitive data.

I’m looking forward to hearing back from you! 😃

Wishing you a lovely day ahead! 🙌🏼



Thanks for the link, i am very much aware of them. 

The problem is you are copy pasting the answers without reading the problem. We know where get support button HAS TO BE, the problem is being a contract and account owner in the company, this bottom is not exist for me. I do believe it is a bug or some troubles from the side, perhaps app is not seeing me a assigned person.  The email in the screenshot is my email. It is very frustrating fighting to got help for days. 

Yes i did try incognito, other device, another internet connection, clean cookies and cach. 


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I totally understand the frustration and I would like to let you know, you can submit a support request via our Help Center form if you cannot use the Find Answers section for one of the following reasons:

  • Personio is experiencing a disruption in service.
  • You're an Account Owner or Contract Owner, but you can't log in to your Personio account.
  • You're an Account Owner or Contract Owner, but you're having technical issues with Find Answers.
  • No Account Owners, Contract Owners or Administrators are available (follow the instructions in our article How can I assign an Administrator when there are none available?).

Maybe you already have done it but if you receive an answer that you have to contact Support through Find Answers, please reply to the email and make sure you mention the Find Answers functionality is not working for you and our Support team will investigate the reason why. 

I hope you can solve this issue very soon so you can reach out our Support team when needed! 🤞🏻

Wishing you a lovely afternoon!



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