Unable to send pre-onboarding email to new joiner

  • 24 November 2023
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Hi there,

I have set up a number of emails to be sent to a new joiner and for some reason have an alert appearing when the onboarding template is assigned to the new joiner. 

  1. The emails should be sent to a new joiners personal email, and do not require them to login to Personio to complete any of the steps. It’s more an informative email, asking them to take a few actions (separate from Personio).
  2. The email should be sent 90 days before their hire date (or when the template is assigned).

I’ve attached a screenshot of what this looks like and the message when I hover over the alert is: Please review the recipient field to ensure your emails will be successfully delivered. The recipient field is “employee”. 

If anyone could help, I would very much appreciate it!

Many thanks,



Best answer by International Support Team 27 November 2023, 16:53

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Hey @smakaruk1 

Welcome to the Personio Community, we are thrilled to see you here 🎊 🥳. I am happy to support you with your inquiry.

Could you kindly check on the email field within the employees profile, to ensure this is set up correctly. If so, please navigate to the Onboarding template and click on Save once again. If the error message still persists, then we would need to take a closer look into your account. Therefore in this case, please reach out to our support team via Find Answers.

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

Best regards, 


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