Where are my past topics?

  • 17 September 2021
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Talking about this community, where can I find my previous topics?
When I hit my profile it shows 9 topics, when I go to the page it’s empty 


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Hi @Dide,
Thank you for asking!

You’re right: usually all the topics that you submitted should appear in the “Topics” section of your profile.

There is currently a bug with the community platform and it shows only Questions and Discussions, but no Ideas. Unfortunately it is not in our control and we cannot fix that. We also hope it gets solved soon!

As a solution in the meantime, you can still find all your topics by going to your Community Profile and scrolling down to Activities.

This will show you a list of all your posts (topics + replies). Tip: if you have many replies and are only looking for your ideas, just hit “Ctrl + F” (or Cmd + F on Mac) and write “started a topic”, you will find your ideas more quickly.


I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions. 

All the best,

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Update as I stumbled upon this post: the bug has already been fixed last year; now the Topics section of your profile will show you all of the topics you started (Questions, Discussions, as well as Ideas).



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